Earn a new style today!
Learn a new language through our roleplay-based method

              Switch to the Lingua Nomad method:

              Videoconference tutoring or classroom teaching
                 Practice  your chosen language with an experienced and certified professional
                 Become  more
confident and relaxed.

              Tailor made online pedagogical content
                 Your training course can be created according to your learning profile and your goals.

              Real-life situations
                 Our exercises are based on role-play and real life conversations, adapted to your future or    
                 present needs.
  Lingua Nomad features a learning tool:
apprendre les langues en ligne

to study either:

FLE (French as a Foreign Language), English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
Other languages upon request
cours langues à distance
from any computer:

Easy to use, even when travelling.
All you need is a computer, a webcam and internet access.
cours de langues sur mesure
and interactive :

Modular rhythm and training objectives.
Individual or group training, led online by one of our teachers.
formation langues étrangère en ligne
Value for money
and time saving :

No travel time or expenses : Skype classes & an online student workspace for interactive training exercises.