Want to make the most of your expatriation ?
Join us at Lingua Nomad !

Why learn a new language ?

       Whether it's to enjoy your daily life, for work, or to  
          maintain a social life, it will help you make the most
          of your experience as an expat.

       It is essential for expats to have some
          knowledge of the language spoken in their host
          country, be it for professional or family

What does Lingua Nomad have to offer ?

       We offer an efficient long-distance learning tool,
           which is a flexible and favourable alternative to
           language schools, and will follow you every step of
           the way on your journey as an expat.
       Whether you are planning your expatriation or are
          already settling in your host country, our team is
          ever present to meet all your language-related needs
          (settling in, social or professional integration,...).

       Our courses are constantly adapting to your ever
          evolving needs!


Our special offers

            1 level test
            10h of conversation with one of our trainers
€ 396 - 15% = € 336
       "Conversation + E-learning"
            1 level test
            5h of conversation
            10h of videoconference classes with a trainer
                and personal work on our platform
€ 666 - 15 % = € 566