Pedagogical face to face interaction combined with an individualised online programme

A formula specially designed for higher education

       An combination of group classes & individual work

             Individual work : each student has their own
               account on our platform, and can work on a
               personalised programme, which corresponds to
               their level.
             Collective classes: all students get to use
               the topics they have been working on  

A personalised educational follow-up

       Placement test 

       Written account after each class


Accent on communication

       Courses are based on functional scenarios :

             Specific, bespoke exercises related to
                students needs, adapted to the curriculum.
             Roleplays are used to practice the target 
                    language w
ith real-life situations related to
                    their future
professional activities.

A course in French or foreign languages

       English, Italian, French as a Foreign Language,      
          Spanish, Portuguese, and French (spoken and