Lingua Nomad adapts to your internal training policies

       We guarantee an administrative and
             educational follow-up.
        Our language courses can be integrated
            into your training plan and funded
            by OPCA.
        They are also  compatible with the CPF*
            for employees who wish to study
            or upgrade their general language skills.

            * CPF =  Personal training account.
Administrative follow-up
      Provides an online summary of sessions : attendance status
            for the courses and records of learners connection time for
            personal work.

Educational positioning and assessment
      Lingua Nomad offers users positioning tests at the beginning    
            and end of the training to evaluate progress.


        Results are quickly available and based on the
            Common European Framework for languages (CECRL)

Pedagogical follow-up
       Lingua Nomad offers a personalised educational program  
             according to:
              the starting level measured by the online test and telephone  
              the needs expressed by the student and his company
              the context of professional and personal learning

         For the benfit of the student and the company, after each class,
            an online report is available, as well as an overall final report.