Lingua Nomad is hiring language teachers
            Our team is growing by the day, and constantly striving to meet the demands
            of our students & partner firms.

            We are currently looking for outgoing, sparkly personalities, with a genuine
            desire to share their language & culture with motivated students.

            You'll be asked to provide proof of a degree in teaching your mother-tongue
            & to show real interest in ICT.
            You will be trained to our teaching methods, as well as to our online platform.

            Feel like taking the plunge? Then send us a resume & cover-letter (in French)!
            Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
            The Lingua Nomad team                    
Lingua nomad
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64510 ANGAÏS

Téléphone :
06 65 10 43 00
ou 06 20 49 60 07

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